Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions from our clients

If you don't find the question you wanted to ask here, don't hesitate to call or email us, we are always on call and always happy to help you with anything.

Do I get my pet's ashes from you?

This question is one of the most frequent and most important for us. We started our family business specifically to ensure that we are 100% sure to give everyone all of their pet's ashes. At all times, the pet's body and ashes are labeled with a name (this is for dignity) and an order number (due to possible duplication of names). At the same time, we have an accurate online record - we know where your pet's body or ashes are at every moment.


The best way is to fill out an order online and then we will arrange by phone when and where your pet will be delivered. You can bring it to us or we can drive to your home or veterinarian to pick it up.

Do I have to fill out an order online?

It is not necessary to fill out the order online, you can place the order by phone or in person at the office in Strasnice. However, we think that a better way for you and for us is to fill out the order online, because you have time to think about what services you want to order.

Can I order euthanasia from you?

We provide this service mainly in Prague and its surroundings through contracted veterinarians. Call us and we will help you in this difficult moment by choosing a sensitive and friendly veterinarian and of course arrange the subsequent transport so that you can say goodbye.

Can I come by your office anytime?

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because we also travel for your pets, perform ceremonies and attend cremations during those times, we cannot guarantee that we will be in the office. We guarantee that we will always be available by phone at 733 739 000 and will make an appointment to meet you in the office. Therefore, please always contact us by phone first.

When will you be picking up your cat?

We will usually arrive to pick up your pet within two hours, but no later than the day you order the pick-up. The time depends mainly on the distance from Prague.

When do I have to pay for cremation?

Payment for the services you have ordered can be made by bank transfer on the basis of the confirmation you will receive after completing the order. It is also possible to pay upon receipt of the pet in cash or in the office by card. The full amount must be paid before handing over the urn.

What confirmations do you need?

We need to confirm that your pet has been properly vaccinated, has not injured anyone and has not had a serious infectious disease. You can prove this with a vet's report or an affidavit included with your order.

How is it possible to say goodbye to a dog?

Farewell is possible in our ceremonial hall in Strašnice. It is only possible to order a farewell by phone or in person so that we can arrange the date and conditions to suit you best.

Is it possible to be present at the cremation?

Yes, it's possible. Based on our experience, we do not recommend it. We think it is better to remember your pet full of life. Cremation attendance and other services can be arranged by phone or in person so that we can work out a date with you.

Do you have extra charges for late hours?

We are available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays. We do not charge extra on weekends and holidays. The only extra charge we have is for adopting or dropping off a pet during the night hours between 10pm and 8am.