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In Kerberos Crematorium, you will not only be given the opportunity to say goodbye to your friend with dignity, but also understanding, compassion and sensitive approach.


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We are a family company that provides cremation services for your pets. You will fill the order and we will arrange the rest, for your pet we will go to the vet or to your home, we will carry out an individual cremation and we will prepare a smoker with ash for you. At Kerberos Crematorium, we pride ourselves on an empathetic approach.

How our services work

1. Fill in the order

You can fill out the cremation order online or you will call us and we will fill it out for you.

2. Transport + Individual Cremation

We can go directly to the vet for your pet or you can pass it to us in our office. After that, we perform an individual cremation.

3. We will prepare an urn with ash for you

We will then put all the ashes of your pet in the Urn with your pet's name and order number. 

4. Transport Urn + Payment

We can send you an urn by post or you can pick it up at the office. You can pay by transfer, card or cash.

Our Goal

From the outset, Kerberos had the goal of providing cremation services in a dignified and pleasant way. We emphasize patient communication with the owners of the deceased animals, because we realize the pain that everyone experiences when his pet dies. That's why we appreciate it if you give us feedback and write to us if you were satisfied with our services and what you would suggest to improve.

Kerberos Team
- since 2013 -

Why choose The Kerberos Crematorium

Family Company

Our company was founded as a typically family company, which gradually grows and retains its original character. The customer always comes first for us.

Empathic Approach

For us, the most important thing is to take a sensitive approach to anyone who has lost their animal friend and help in these moments. 


We already have seven years of experience and our team is almost unchanged, so you can count on us.

What our clients say about us

Great empathetic approach and perfect service. Thank you for being able to do so today and to provide it at that level. Such a dignified farewell at a difficult time will at least help somehow (I wouldn't have put it without it). I also have a beautiful smokehouse and a monumental glass heart with ash and gold. The only positive thing to experience in a situation where a pet leaves can be experienced.

sudhakar kadam

This week I have used your services, which I have searched on the Internet and I would like to thank you in this way for a very sensitive and professional approach, which i was very pleased and mentally helped. I will definitely recommend your services (and Have Already Recommended) to my "dog" colleagues and friends and were very pleased that such a service is also in Prague.

sreejith s

Thank you so much for what and how you do. Unfortunately, I had to use your services twice in 10 weeks, but in both cases you took care of my cats completely above standard, with dignity and incredibly human, even if they were animals. Without you, I could have handled things a lot worse. I'm really glad you are, and now I've got my cats at home in beautiful urns, and it's going to ease the pain of their passing.


Hello, thank you for your helpful approach at the funeral of our dog Bedřiška. We were extremely satisfied with everything including the time and the course of the farewell.

Family of Javorské

Read what they wrote about us in the paper

"Cremation? A more dignified solution than leaving a dog in the vet.

- Vit volhejn

Urns and memorial items

Kerberos Crematorium